Südkabel is proud to have delivered and handed over an important 380 kV underground cable system for TenneT: The Wilhelmshaven-Conneforde (“WiCo”) project project will provide increased feed-in power primarily from renewable energies as well as from the power plants in the region of Wilhelmshaven region to the Conneforde grid hub. The Wilhelmshaven-Conneforde project was a three-phase pilot project for TenneT for partial underground cabling in accordance with Section 4 of the Federal Requirements Plan Act.

After a project duration of approx. 2 years for the execution of this turnkey project with the delivery of extruded underground cables for the German transmission grid, Südkabel has underlined the good long-term partnership with TenneT.

TenneT, the largest European transmission system operator, is a key customer for Südkabel for the supply of extra-high voltage cable systems. Südkabel is currently working on further 380 kV underground cable projects with TenneT and is thus makes a significant contribution to grid expansion as part of the energy turnaround.

Südkabel , one of the world’s pioneers in cable system technology for over 120 years with its German production site in Mannheim, has designed, supplied, installed and successfully commissioned a significant part of the 380 kV cables with the corresponding accessories on a turnkey basis. Südkabel benefits from almost 25 years of experience with 380 kV XLPE-insulated cable systems in operation, which it has developed, supplied and installed.


PROFILE cable system Wilhelmhafen-Conneforde:

  • 380 kV cable system

  • Buried in pipes

  • Two cables per phase

  • Bockhorn route section: 3.5 km

  • Neustadtgödens route section 1.7 km


Cable type
  • 2XS(FL)2Y-LWL 1×2500 RMS/250 220/380 kV

Scope of delivery
  • 32 km 380 kV XLPE cable

  • 24 pieces cross-bonding joints

  • 24 pieces outdoor sealing ends


Commissioning tests
  • Nov-/Dec. 2019