Turnkey cable systems

We support you at every stage of the project, from planning, project management, laying and assembly to commissioning of the finished plant – you can rely on us.


We plan, project and build cable systems according to the requirements of our customers. Especially at the beginning of demanding projects, our many years of experience and knowledge are helpful:

  • In the search for the most economical solution.
  • In the development of customized designs.
  • When optimizing the maximum transmittable power.
  • In determining efficient cooling, the proper bedding material, or the use of appropriate grounding methods, such as single-sided shield grounding or the cross-bonding method.
  • When planning the optimal route.
  • In the design of secondary equipment, e.g. grounding equipment, shield grounding, temperature monitoring of the cable route, partial discharge monitoring.
  • In environmental compliance.

Project Management

On request, Südkabel offers complete project management for XLPE-insulated high-voltage and extra-high-voltage cable systems. The implementation of detailed project planning includes:

  • Current carrying capacity calculations
  • Transports to the construction site
  • Cable laying
  • Accessorie assembly
  • Final exam
  • Commissioning

In addition, our range of supplies and services is optionally supplemented by complete site coordination, including planning and execution of the necessary civil engineering services.


Laying cables of the highest voltage levels requires the use of special laying methods and equipment, as well as careful preparation. We individually calculate the cable pull and reduce the pulling forces to a minimum by using the latest cable pushers. The determination of the individual laying sections depends on many factors, such as laying conditions in the cable route, maximum delivery length and restrictions during transport by land or sea, as well as the design of the protective devices against transient overvoltages when the cable screens are crossed out or grounded on one side. While laying lengths of approx. 500 to 600 m are usually projected, lengths of well over 1,000 m are possible in special cases.


The assembly of our trimmings is carried out by specially trained fitters with many years of experience. An intensive training program for all relevant electrical and mechanical processes as well as annual refresher courses are a matter of course for our fitters.



Prior to commissioning, the cable systems installed by us are tested, usually in accordance with the relevant test specifications for XLPE-insulated high-voltage and extra-high-voltage cables. This includes DC voltage tests on the cable sheath and/or AC voltage tests on the cable insulation, which are supplemented, if necessary, by partial discharge tests on the installed accessories, especially in the case of extra-high voltage installations.