High & extra high

voltage cables

In order to meet the high demands of high and extra-high voltage networks, we offer XLPE-insulated high-performance cables with optimized conductor properties.

XLPE high performance cable with optimized conductor properties

Very high demands are placed on the current-carrying capacity of cables in the high-voltage and extra-high-voltage grid, which is why conductor designs up to a maximum conductor cross-section of 2,500 mm² have been developed to increase transmission performance. A significant increase in current-carrying capacity for XLPE-insulated power cables can be achieved by segment division and other additional measures in the construction of large conductor cross-sections. This increases the permissible transmission power by up to 15%.

Construction cable

Construction cables (BEK) are prefabricated cable systems that are used both in substations and overhead lines. They are used temporarily in the high-voltage network as part of projects or in the high-voltage network as part of projects or interference suppression measures. The cables are installed with pre-assembled flexible terminations and delivered on special drums.